OxiClean – My Fave Glow Getter

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Over the last 10 years, I have developed a love affair with OxiClean. It works on so many things! You put it in your laundry, and your laundry comes out stain free. I’ve used the stain remover more than I would like to admit to both my clothes and my daughter’s.

But, did you know that you can use OxiClean around the home to tackle many household cleaning tasks?

Here are 4 OxiClean tips that will make your life easier!

In this blog, we are going to focus on things you can soak in OxiClean then come back, rinse them and voila! – the work is done with no scrubbing required!

Start by preparing the OxiClean solution using a 1/2 cup of OxiClean to a gallon of hot water. Mix well until dissolved.

As we begin our tour around your home, our first stop will be in the Kitchen, specifically the Hood fan. To clean your greasy and dusty overhead exhaust fan filters just fill a sink full of very hot water and add your scoop of OxiClean to it. You’re going to fill a single sink up with the hot water and mix well. Take out your filter from the overhead exhaust compartment and just dunk it into the sink filled with the solution. Leave it for 5 minutes and then flip it around. After 10 minutes this came out so clean—it was terrific! Just give it a good rinse and lay it flat to dry.

Continuing our tour in the Kitchen, we will tackle the garbage bins. Have you been ignoring the gross crud in the bottom of your garbage bin? Do you have some leaky garbage juice in there that is starting to stink? Put 4 litres of hot water in the garbage can and add a ½ cup of OxiClean swish until dissolved. After about 10 minutes I scrub all the crevices with a cleaning toothbrush to get up any of those set-in stains or other grime that may have lodged itself in

The next stop is in the Bathroom where we address the shower curtain. You might have noticed that your shower curtain liner—that plastic inner one—has some nasty buildup on it. You can quickly get rid of that soap scum, mildew, or even that pinky-orange stuff with a simple OxiClean soak. Simply remove the liner, create the soak solution in your tub, and toss the curtain in. Let the liner soak for 10 to 15 minutes then glove up and gently rub the curtain together, removing any stubborn stains. Give the shower curtain a good rinse and then hang it back up to drip dry. Good as new!

On our final stop – and this will be music to the ears of new parents – we will tackle the cloth Baby Carrier. Do you have a puker? I did, and when we transitioned to solids, everything was covered in stains! If you need to do a deep clean of your baby carrier, grab some OxiClean baby (this one is gentler and scent-free) and mix a ½ cup in a bucket with 4 Litres of water until dissolved. Let it soak for 10-15 min then throw it in the washer with your favourite detergent. You will now be sporting a puke free carrier that not only looks clean but that you can truly be assured is as clean as possible!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our tour around your home and the tips we provided about alternate uses for OxiClean other than just laundry. Stay tuned as we share more tips, tricks and handy gadgets, we have found useful to keep your home spic and span!

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